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Second Stream
It allows stream from any NDI producer
to mobile devices in same location
with real-time latency
Easy and simple for use
SecondStream is easy for use Windows app.
Changes NDI sources on fly
You can switch NDI sources on fly
Predefined output presets
We prepare few presets for different cases - slides, video for mobile etc. You can switch presets on fly.
In next releases we will add custom presets.
Ultra Low-latency
Viewers can see your stream with under-second latency.
Not need special mobile app
Viewer can use default browser for view feed.
Feedback from viewers (SOON)
Viewer can send private question to speaker. It will be collected on server and available for view by moderator.
Where audio feed?
There are many cases when audio not needed. This app for such cases.
It's for usage in same location: speaker and students, artist and viewers etc. Not reason to duplicate audio.
"Second Stream" for stream additional video feed (detailed slides, faces of artist, replays etc).
What's about bitrate ?
It's depends on output preset. For example slide preset ( 1fps ) takes 100 Kbs per viewer, and Video mobile preset takes ~4 Mbs per viewer.
What is button "Save QR"?
You can save QR image in 500x500px resolution and print for guests (on stand, posters, tickets etc). So guest can easy scan QR by mobile camera and got access to stream (be aware - guest should be in same WiFi network).
requires Windows 7/10 64bits

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