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13 May 2020. SRTStreamer 0.5 (build 21)
What's new:
  • Supports configuration files
    * you can have few configs for different targets
  • Auto start stream with configuration file
    * you can prepare bat-file for start stream by one click
  • Resizable player window
    * you can see feed from Studio on full screen
  • UHD supports
    * we added new resolutions for encoding
  • NDI output for player
    * you can send feed from Studio to any NDI-compatible devices like BirdDog
Download here

7 May 2020
SRTMiniServer 1.4.2
What's new:
  • Customisation stub image (colorbar) for NDI (see Settings)
  • Improve ProxyAddon: it asks confirmation for prevent random close during proccessing.
  • Fixed bug: Stop server now closes connection
  • Link Generation feature: it's easy way for generate links for RemoteExpert and LarixBroadcaster (see image below).
Download here

RemoteExpert 0.5
What's new:
  • Auto connect if started by link
  • Auto reconnect if connection is broken. The app try to connect 3 times
  • Fixed bug with stop of encoding process
  • Fixed bug for multi-display

    Download here
24 April 2020
SRTMiniServer 1.4.1 (build 21)
What's new:
  • SRT Latency now availalbe in Settings. Default is 30ms.
  • Fixed bug with Network Interface in Settings.
Download here

SRT Streamer 0.4 (build 19)
What's new:
  • Fixed aspect-ratio bug for camera
  • Fixed Studio Player
  • Fixed save parameters
  • Fixed latency setup: now range is 10-5000 ms

    Download here

03 April 2020
We introduce new feature called "Cross Line". For use it you need update server and streamer.
More detailed about Cross-Line: Cross Line guide

SRTMiniServer 1.4 (build 20)

What's new:
  • Added Cross-Line feature (works with SRTStreamer 0.3)
  • Fixed statistics
Download here

SRT Streamer 0.3 (build 17)
What's new:
  • Added "Studio Player" (for got feed from Cross-Line)
  • Fixed bugs
  • Download here
31 March 2020. SRTMiniServer 1.3.4 (build 19)
What's new:
  • Fixed bugs (anti-freeze)
Download here

12 March 2020
SRTMiniServer 1.3.3 (build 18)
What's new:
  • Added bandwidth meter (works with SRTStreamer 0.2)
  • Fix for Interlaced video (25i, 50i)
Download here

SRT Streamer 0.2 (build 14)
What's new:
  • Added "Speed test".
    You can measure bandwidth before real streaming. Works with SRTMiniServer 1.3.3
  • Added Latency to parameters
  • Added MPEG codec
  • Added HEVC codec for Intel and Nvidia. (It's EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE YET)
  • Fix audio bitrate issue
  • Fix DNS-issue (previous version allows only IP-based destination).Now you can use server.example.com for destination

    Download here
Speed Test in action
03 March 2020. SRTMiniServer 1.3.2
What's new:
  • SDI Out Addon
  • Fix bugs
Download here

14 Feb 2020. SRTMiniServer 1.2 (BUILD 15)
What's new:
  • Proxy Addon: it's easy way for accept signal through Firewalls (read)
  • Fix bugs
Download here

SRT Proxy Addon