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NEWS about UPDATES and special OFFERS
17 Jan 2020. Release 1.4.1 (BUILD 36)
What's new:
  • UI improvements
  • Stream optimisation
  • You can change video and audio source on fly
  • Questions are saved to disk
  • Export questions to file: you can view file in browser or Excel
  • FIX Encoding issue for questions
Download here

: http://garaninapps.com/secondstream/store
16 October 2019. Release 1.2 (BUILD 29)
What's new:
  • UI improvements
  • Anti-sleep for iOS/Android
  • Feature"Vote". It allows do voting and get result as special animated web-view. For example you can add this to vMix as overlay.
Download here

01 October 2019. Release 1.1 (BUILD 26)
critical update for fix message about "expired version"
Download here

25 September 2019. Release 1.1
What's new:
  • we add new tool "Random Winner" (see menu-->Tools). It allows you to win prize among the audience.
  • add screen-selector for capture in multi-displays systems
Download here

: http://garaninapps.com/secondstream/store#sale
17 September 2019. Release 1.0
Hi all, thanks for bug reports and ideas, and let me present SecondStreamPRO 1.0
This release has big improvements:
  • Uses encoding video (instead heavy mjpeg)
  • Audio supported (experimental yet)
  • Performance optimisation
Download here
17 June 2019. Release 0.5
Hi all, thanks for bug reports and ideas, and let me present SecondStream 0.5
  • Renew player
  • Player allows switch to Full Screen mode.
  • Viewer can send questions to speaker and speaker can view them.
  • Performance optimisation
Download here
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