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accept RTMP-streams and converts to NDI
for usage into production workflow
RTMPMiniServer Features
Windows and macOS
The app works on both systems.
Hardware decoding is supported also on Windows and macOS.
8K supported
The app ready for 4K and 8K streams. Applied for transmit 360 degree video feed from location.
Up to 16 input streams
Can accept up to 16 RTMP streams and converts to 16 NDI streams.
Recording feature
You can write incoming feeds without decoding to separate folders.
Remote control
The app supports remote control from web-browser. Web API also available.
Ready for production
Our clients are not only event stream teams but also TV channels where uptime is very critical.
Compatible Encoders
our clients use many encoders for send signal from
location to studio.
Software encoders
Our clients use vMix, OBS, Wirecast for send signal from locations to studio.
Mobile streamer
Use free mobile apps like LarixBroadcaster for mobile streaming to studio from iPhone or Android.
Portable encoders
Supports portable encoders.
Our clients use VidiU, LiveShell, LiveU, Kiloview and other.
You can easy connect DJI drones to vMix (OBS etc) without cable and got sub-second latency.
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Action cameras
Supports GoPro7 and Xiaomi Yi cameras.
You can easy capture real-time feed without cable and low latency.
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Yes, RTMPMiniServer supports feed from Mevo. It allows use this camera with vMix or OBS without problem and low-latency.
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