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accept RTMP - streams and converts to NDI
for usage into production workflow
used with ...
Our clients successfully use RTMPMiniServer to receive RTMP streams from
JVC professional camcorders GY-HM200/250, GY-HM650/660 and other equipped with built-in streaming encoders and RTMP protocol.

Live video from remote locations goes into studio production with the minimum delay which is very important for Remote Production over IP workflow.

used with ...
vMix, OBS, Wirecast
Many customers use Newtek Tricaster, vMix, Wirecast and OBS Studio to produce live events.

JVC cameras are sending live RTMP streams from the stadium or another venue over the Internet.
At the studio, RTMP MiniServer receives RTMP feeds and converts to NDI for immediate ingest into software switchers.

Easy for use
RTMP MiniServer was created as a solution that can be put into workflow within a few minutes.
No configurations or complicated settings.
Like most servers, the RTMPMiniServer requires a dedicated IP address.
Usually most studios are equipped with cable Internet and providers can give a dedicated IP without any issues.
The main problem arises, if the studio, especially the mobile one, is connected to the Internet via a 4G / LTE connection. In this case, it is practically impossible to get a dedicated IP.
To solve this problem, we added Proxy-Addon.
Ready for TV Production
RTMP MiniServer produce NDI and SDI output.
So you can use this as inputs for many TV-Production systems like NewTek TriCaster and other.

* SDI output supported only for Windows
TRIAL PERIOD - 21 days
free download and try with your equipment

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