Air Multi Viewer
an innovative product for viewing in the “Replay” mode of simultaneous shooting from one and (or) several cameras on the tablet, in real time.

General scheme

For refereeing
View controversial issues, “repeat” online. Allows the judges to replay a single moment or the entire scenario, taking into account even the smallest details to give unconditional marks to the athletes.
For coaching
Re-viewing by the coach of the performed pirouettes and (or) other actions of athletes, depending on the sport and scenario, filmed online and leading to the elimination of errors, improvement and honing of the skills of athletes.
Concerts / film shooting, etc.
“Replay” of certain moments of the ongoing shooting in real time, for faster response to shortcomings and their elimination.
Source Control (NDI)
This case allows you to simultaneously view footage from several cameras on your tablet, as well as select the desired window (video camera) to view each moment individually, with the ability to return in one click to the common window with all cameras, in which each is shooting in real time time.
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